Don't you think if you reach high enough exper level to be a moderator that you can't be blocked by anyone?

I think if you reach that status that you have enough experience to give decent opinions to any post and know one should be able to block you because they don't like your advice


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  • People are still going to block people they don't like here, regardless of their xper level or if they're a moderator or whatever. I don't think having a certain status on here should make you exempt from being blocked. I can just see that being abused like hell. Senior members thinking they can act like dicks to people just because they can't be blocked.

    • I guess will always be the case I guess, some people no matter how much they progress could be a jerk

    • People aren't going to stop being jerks just because they've gained some experience on a website. So I'd rather be able to block them.

    • Thanks for MH.

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  • As BertMacklin mentioned, even with a high amount of Xper
    or a title such as guru/master/mod etc. people still may disagree
    with their opinions as they still happen to be human.

    As humans possesses free will, different opinions and thoughts on how things work, will occur eventually, and when that happens, people have the block feature, as their safezone.

    Taking that away would lead to a lot of
    distrust among newcomers and the rest.

    • I only meant it as for the higher levels that would not not abuse it but I guess you never know

    • One would assume higher Xper levels would know better, indeed
      but in fact they may just have been here for a longer time.

      Moderators though, should be behaving in a certain way
      or they wouldn't have been chosen to moderate in the first place.

      If you see a moderator behaving in a way you find wrong
      don't hesitate to flag them, as they're normal users such as yourself.

    • Ok , I don't feel I'm on enough to be a moderator but yeah I guess that makes sense


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  • Why do you care? It's just text of war. Can't accept being blocked? I thought only teens care about that type of thing.

    Once your offline, real life is much better than here.

    • I know , it just really irked me this time because of the topic

  • Not really people can also block you for other reasons as well like harassment for example, that's a big problem on this site.

    • Yeah I could see that's what it's mostly used for but how about when your defending your answer in a civil manner and they block you from finishing your answer right after they were extremely rude

  • That status is called being an admin. There are some users who have graduated from being an urban moderator to an admin.
    Being a moderator doesn't really have to do with how high is your xper level, but with your engagement with this site in general.

    • I just meant if you made it that far you would have shown self control at that point just like people can't message someone privately until they reach a certain level

  • Your number of Xper points has no effect on how annoying you are.

  • I think we should still be able to block them.

    • Apparently everyone can be blocked anyway good or bad

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  • I think anyone of any level should be allowed to be blocked - All the higher levels means is you have more points - It does not imply that they give better answers - I am a master but I don't think I am capable of giving any better/worse answers than a level 1.

    • I would think you of all people could😊 but I was just meaning that someone that has that ranking must be doing something right to earn that privilege but with power comes abuse from what noticed

    • I agree with you that there is some abuse of status that is why it should be encouraged that each person treated as equal and gains respect through the quality of their answers, nothing else.

  • being blocked is a badge of honor to me. it tells me who has a weak mind and can't handle something as simple as a few words printed on a computer screen.

    • That's one way to look at it😊 thanks

  • those high enough xper level could still harass the shit out of people so the block feature will be there for it.

    • I would hope not I would think that would be less likely if you reached moderator level you would have a better sense than that

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    • I see what you mean, unfortunately others won't see it as you do and they will still do as they please, regardless of reaching a status.

    • Oh well I guess your right, there is always a few

  • While i'm almost never blocked, and never block anyone... no.

    Plenty of idiots run up high post counts.

    • yeah that's true only been blocked by one person and that's only because they were being really rude and a troll and created a double account so I had them flagged after