I am really not understanding the criteria here for promoting myTakes?

It just seems so arbitrary, rigged, and inconsistent.

First of all, it's a shame that if our myTakes are promoted, basically no one sees them. Like people should still be able to see out myTakes even though they're not promoted.

But furthermore, some myTakes don't have the best spelling, grammar, or even content, and yet those get promoted. Yet, when I wrote this myTake which was engaging and almost completely free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and it still didn't get promoted: http://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/a22125-what-is-the-critical-factor-involved-in-why-some-people-are-able-to

These are questions I've had for months. What gives? How do you exactly get a myTake promoted?

Furthermore, why do we have such a ridiculous system where no one sees your myTake at all if it's not promoted? Like it should still at least show up normally in the feed and such, like normal questions though.

Wow they finally promoted it, of course right after I disavowed it >.<


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  • You wrote something actually intelligent, unlike most of the garbage that gets promoted, so maybe that's why.


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  • Well it took one of my takes five days to get promoted and it had a quite a bit of engagement before it did so go figure..


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  • I have no idea of what criteria they use to promote My Takes. In questions like this I think best bet is to ask admin themselves.

  • There should definetly exist a place to see unpromoted takes and sort of vote for them.

  • I honestly do not know to tell you the truth.

    • They actually finally promoted it, of course right after I disavowed it >.<

      I thought I was out because I thought that myTakes had to be promoted within 24 hours or else you can accept that you're outed.

    • Ah I see.

  • Just don't read them.

  • I've always felt that the entire 'mytake' thing didn't work.

    Much like 'search'. People do not come here and search for information. Once anything is off the live feed, it's gone. People find it annoying, not helpful, if you comment on a month old question.

    If they really want something like this to work, they need a navigable library of mytakes that get upvoted based on how interesting the take or subsequent discussion are. They don't have that, so spending time on mytakes is pointless, really.

    The only reason to write one is so instead of giving the same answer over and over you can refer to the mytake you wrote, but that seems odd, so whatever.

    In any case, your mytake is actually a question, i think they prefer mytakes where people say things, whether well supported or complete garbage.

    • I've seen examples of myTakes where they like mine posed a long subjective question to be discussed so that's why u thought I could get away with that.