Do you think all these changes on GAG is making us waste more time here than we really need to?

No My takes search
I find it frustrating when I wanted to find a mytake that was featured.
It would load all these square boxes instead of a list of questions.

When I wanted to find a particular mytake, there is no search bar for it. It comes up with all these questions from the past.

No page links
There is also no page link and as you scroll down, more mytake would appear out of surprise. That makes me give up completely about finding it. I've wasted my time.

No age group filter
The removal of age filter function, also have made the live feed overloaded with stupid mindless questions than useful interesting questions.


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  • I had a look at the search option - If you remember a word or phrase from My Take, you can get it that way - Another way is remember who wrote it and get to it through the user profile - I don't understand what you mean by page link - I don't use feed I go by topic usually and stay away from sex/dating topics so I don't see the silly posts which I think can come from any age. Some of the worst I have seen have come from over 18s.


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What Guys Said 2

  • You can filter search results by clicking on the question icon (speech bubble) or myTake icon (bulb) located on the search page header bar.

  • Lol. Yeah I think the changes helps them money wise and that's why they do it.


What Girls Said 1

  • yeah i think so.