GAGers: How many of you actually followed advice given to you?

Like whenever you post a question asking for help about whatever predicament you're in. Do you actually follow or at least consider the advice given to you, or do you just do your own thing anyway?

  • I always follow the advice I'm given here.
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  • I often follow the advice I'm given here.
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  • I sometimes follow the advice I'm given here.
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  • I rarely follow the advice I'm given here.
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  • I never follow the advice I'm given here.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i do take it into consideration, yes. otherwise, i feel that asking the question is pointless.

    • Here's some advice: Stop being so perfect for like 5 minutes so that way the rest of us could have a chance of catching up ;P

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      *attempts to run after you but falls over because I'm fat*

    • LOL that was so adorable :D

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would definitely take the advice of GAG into consideration if I had a question I wanted to ask. I think I made some decent friendships on here, so if I had a serious question and needed advice, I could trust that these friends would have my best interest and would tell me honest truth. Even if they aren't my official "friend" though, there are plenty of wise people on here that I would trust advice from.

    I'm not going to always follow the advice, but I would be seriously influenced by my fellow GAGers and their opinions. Many a times it is difficult to give advice to yourself because of self bias, crush bias, whatever. Having a second take from someone who only has an internet relationship with you can be incredibly valuable sometimes. Granted, there are some trolls and bad advice givers who will give you crappy advice, but I feel many GAGers actually care about what they put.

    If the topic was sensitive, I would also PM someone I knew for help. Then we could hopefully hash out the details and he/she could talk some sense into me xD

    BASICALLY, if I ask a question, I'm wanting answers. I'm going to take those answers into consideration-- otherwise why would I ask them?


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What Girls Said 3

  • I often consider the opinions given, because the only time when I need advice is when I need to choose an outfit or dying my hair a new colour. 😂

  • It depends on the question, really. I don't ask many questions needing genuine advice (I'm more interested in what people do in a given situation). I also find that asking others what they think you ought to do is just a way of finding out what it is that feels right to you. If nothing resonates and many people answer, that could be a problem but more often than not you have an idea of what you should or shouldn't do. You either find something you agree with or your mind is changed.

  • I definitely like and appreciate getting different perspectives, and sometimes they do have valid points that shape my own perspective, but in the end I'll do what I think is right. I'm the one who has to act and live with the decision, and I know the situation best, with all its details and history, etc.

    I'm also very aware that quite a few people on here who give advice don't have much relationship/sexual experience and the like, and reality can be much more complicated than theory, so taking some of the advice with a pinch of salt is a good idea.


What Guys Said 4

  • I behave as I do in real life - I take all the information on board then make a decision.

  • I have cause I'm...

  • 'Bout never

  • Have you spoke to some of the retards here? How much of a sad bastatd would you be to ask strangers for advice here on GAG?