What does it take to be an editor?

What are the criteria? Who decides on who gets the title? I've noticed people from all levels of xper get made, some low ranking, many high. Some with real nice writing style and an informed opinion or view about a subject, some just spouting any old bullshit that comes into their head.

So @girlsaskguys, how are they actually chosen?

(ps, I don't secretley want to be an editor, honest!)


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  • Admin wrote a take on it - I see someone gave you link to it. Here is a quick answer admin wrote in another question
    "Editors are selected based on the amount and quality of myTakes they write. If a user writes a lot of myTakes that get promoted and/or featured, they have a higher chance of being chosen to be an Editor "

  • The whole myTake thing is unclear. It's not clear what criteria they use to promote myTakes. I see the shittiest ones getting promoted and beautiful ones not. I don't think they actually care about quality. They're just looking to promote something that's going to stir a lot of drama, it seems (perhaps to attract more users into joining).

  • being a woman seems to help... as the vast majority of people they pick as editors are women lol. Apparently, guys don't make enough myTakes regularly


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  • You become an editor by posting multiple helpful/popular mytakes that are consistently promoted by moderators.

    • How many? Some people have posted over 20 myTakes, over a dozen have been promoted... while others are barely here a second and get the title. Doesn't seem a fair process, which is very typical of GaG though. Why change now eh!

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    • A little clarification, moderators do not have the power to promote, un-promote, feature myTakes, or make users Editors. All of that is done by the admin staff only :)

    • Ah yes, got the two confused.