How many times does a user need to be blocked in order to be banned?

I've been thinking about this. How many times do you need to be blocked in order to be flagged as a problem user and banned from the site?


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  • I don't think there is a limit to the block but how many times they are reported until banned.

    • So you can do the thing that that one guy is doing (trying to be King of the Block) and be fine unless someone reports you a bunch of times? Odd.

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    • I was using him as an example because he goes out of his way to antagonize people.

    • now that is a good reason for a ban


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  • I hope it's not possible for a user to be banned simply because he's blocked enough times. A troll or even more trolls/ haters could gang up on a normal user and block him/ her. The system would notice this and it may result in a innocent soul being banned.

  • If there's a problem, report it but don't rely on clan forming to ban someone.

  • 693 people currently have me blocked and I am still here.

    • Are you sure about that? Have you been keeping track in a notebook or something?

    • It's a rough guesstimate. I run around naked on Gag all the time and my anti-spazmatic talk has horrified the masses.

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  • Why? are you worried about being banned?

    • No, just curious.

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    • Funnily enough. I tried to follow you and accidentally blocked you. Sorry. :/
      I've unblocked you and now I follow you. It was my touchscreens fault. XD

    • lol that's awesome