Which GAGer do you think comes up with the most creative/innovative questions?

Who do you think is the most creative in their question ideas? Who stands out the most?

Also factor in Mytakes as well


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  • Most of the questions are not very interesting. the 'My Takes' tend to be better. I've tried to ask a few things which could produce some interesting discussion but they either are misunderstood or not answered. I think most people come here for entertainment and to blow off steam, not to think.

    • I agree, although this place really isn't just for sex and dating questions anymore

    • agree. i've noticed that since GaG stopped posting comments to comments on the live feed any chance for interesting discussion has been blown out of the water.

    • I agree with you and spring ocelot. That change to the live feed was definitely a killer to conversation, I think it did a lot to make the site stale and boring.


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