Lets Play a Game?

Pick 3 Gagers to Make your Perfect S. O. 1 Gager for their face, 1 Gager for their body, 1 Gager for their personality. Person with most upvotes and least downvotes for each gender gets MHO

LOL Someone answer this Post


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  • Ahahah this sounds fun! I'd definitely answer if its for girls 😂🙈

    As for guys tho.. hmm. I've never seen anyone's body pics on here, so I couldn't choose that one. As for face, there's quite a number of good looking ones thus making it hard for me to even narrowing it down to three, what more only one. Personality wise, I don't know any guys on here well enough to actually know their personality tbh. But what I know is I'm gonna feel bad for not answering your question, so maybe @PiuBelloAmante for the personality part I guess (minus the flirtatious part lol 😂)

    • Omg 😳😳😳😍😍😍
      I am so flattered
      Yes I am very flirtatious but if I were your s. o I would never flirt with another soul!

      Don't worry my face and body aren't so bad either lol 😄😊

    • @PiuBelloAmante ahahah okays, I do believe that. Most guys I know are like that too, but there are some that would stay flirty forever lol. 😂

      ahah no worries, I don't care much about body (unless he's thinner than me which is highly unlikely) and as for face, well, gotta say I kinda like yours lol 🙈🙈

    • haha Thanks <3

      you are quite beautiful yourself :)

  • Not. On. Here.

    Too many insecurities, irrational bias, and no one who I would consider attractive.

    Theyre all on another site.

  • I'd choose just one guy for all three, although I've never seen his body and don't need to... I'm sure he has one and that's enough.

    • give him a shout out!

    • Never!!!

      Nah, he doesn't need a shout out. He's a cool dude who doesn't need me to boost his ego. Plus he's barely on here anymore :(

  • i have a name in mind but he left already


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't believe in singling out anybody - I think there is something attractive about all Gaggers. They all bring something to the table.