Any problem with intrusive pop-up ads on this site?

I was reading on my phone until a redirect send me to an SMS scam site that charged me $5. Anyone else have a problem like this?


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  • OMG you're not the only one!!
    And I thought it was my fcking phone's problem jeez $10 got deducted just like that ugh :(


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  • Can you send a screenshot so we can investigate this issue? Thanks

    • It was on my phone, not my PC.

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    • I've never logged back in on my phone, so no

    • This issue should be fixed now. Please let me know if you encounter this issue again. Would be very useful if you can take a screenshot and note the ad product name or the link URL you are forwarded to.
      Thanks again for the feedback

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  • I don't get ads because I'm a Guru

  • Heck no, I use firefox with ublock and I never see an ad anywhere on anysite ever.
    I do get one pop up whining about using a adblocker but I simply close it because ads ruin all good websites and if companies didn't make them so invasive and cluttery, then we wouldn't have to be reduced to blocking them.

    • on your phone?

    • Mainly I use PC, but yeah I have a jail broke Iphone and have adblock in it as well

  • I have not yet, but an ad blocker will help.