Why do we have this?

Why do we have this?
Could someone please explain it's usefulness to me? Thanks :)


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  • Because sometimes a asker would like to only get insight from a specific gender. For example.. if a girl is asking about her period and has questions about it, it's more useful to put it on "girls" option as it would be more appropriate. Sometimes you want to target the view points of one gender specifically due to the nature of the question.


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  • When you are posting a question/take - You have option to hear answers from both genders or guys only or girls only - Click on icon to signify your choice.

    • I know that, but it just seems a bit... pointless.
      Not allowing a gender to answer means you could be preventing a really helpful answer from coming though, even if the question is meant to be answered by the opposite gender. It's not like including that gender is going to do any harm anyway, is it?

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    • Thanks for MHG

    • You're welcome :)


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  • This was subject to debate when it first got introduced, I still think it's fucking stupid.