Anyone know/is a sailor on gag?

hey there gagers. i need some advice, im trying to releve some stress about my career choice. im not entirely sure i want to become a sailor and i am well on my way to becoming one. I am studying to become a navagation officer to be spesific. what are the up sides and the down sides to becoming a sailor in the merchant navy?


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  • Well im not a sailor but i work in the marine industry and couldnt be happier. I love working outside on the water, i could never work in a cubicle.
    I know this isn't an opinion concerning the Naval side of things but...


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  • The Merchant Navy is different from the US Navy. Being a Navigator is probably pretty much the same in both, but I imagine you already know most of that information. My understanding is that the Merchant Navy can be pressed into service in war and spend the duration serving the US, but they do not receive the benefits that the military does.

    Otherwise, the merchant service does not make the interesting visits to ports that the military does, since they are serving an employer looking for profit.

    • i was thinking of joining the navy but im Canadian and our navy isint the best. im more interested in international liners such as maersk or arctic delivery such as canship. do you know anything about that sort of lifestyle. i assume the lifestyles are much the same minus the combat training and weapons.

    • The Navies, whatever country they are from, are dedicated to defense, and also a form of publicity that is called "showing the flag". So the life of a sailor in the Navy alternates between being prepared for combat by training and maintaining equipment, and visiting foreign ports (showing the flag) which is the chance for the sailors to "unwind" by partying at bars (for many) or by taking tours and enjoying the sights.

      Commercial vessels are for transporting cargo, so they do not spend time just going in circles to accomplish training, and there is less work for them during that time. When in port, I believe dock workers do most of the work offloading and onloading cargo, so there should be time for the crew to enjoy themselves, but not as much as the Navy has.

      Beyond that, I know very little about the commercial sailors.


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  • Hey there, I know next to nothing about being an officer in the merchant navy.

    I served for 8 years in the US Navy as a Machinist's Mate working in 600 psi steam turbine propulsion plants. I have worked with both boiler and nuclear plant implementations.

    Any questions that I can answer I would be happy to answer via pm.

    I would also point out that @Red_Arrow is a former sailor with the Navy as well. He served for longer than I did and will have more experience to draw from.


    gray not grey, the spelling choice was deliberate so as to disassociate my user name from 50 Shades of Grey. The movie release coincided with my joining GaG.

    The name is a dual reference both to the color of my beard and the color of the ships of the US Navy that I served on.

  • Navy vet here. You'll get to see the world but relationships will be tough

  • I'm guessing @GreySailor is along with his bride @GreySailorsBride I guess.

  • There is some guy that is a naval officer.. I forgot who tho