So I've some questions, but sometimes I've been hit with a judgmental mess instead of a legit answer. What's the judgiest 'oppinion' you've ever got?

Lol don't mention any one's names please.


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    • OMG are you serious... like not gonna lie that would legit trigger an anxiety attack out of me... no that makes me so very upset it's unreal :/

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    • Awesome! And well I do too, I give NO fucks but I also care WAY too much. It sucks having depression AND anxiety. and I am always here to help you if you need it :D

    • okedoke! I'll hold you to that :)


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  • I'd say this happened on nearly EVERY question I asked, until I started disallowing any anonymous answers. Now, people rarely do this. If they are upset with the question, they are at least minimally polite.

    Mostly the fembots are the ones who lose their cool if your question criticizes any US females in even the slightest way.

    • There's many gals who don't grasp that true feminism is establishing equal power to both genders by discarding certain female privileges.

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  • The problems I run into are usually a mix of hypocrisy and mansplaining. Dudebro wants to tell me how how I should think X way when I already said I DO and then turns around and explains how wrong I am, right he is, how the standards he applies to himself and his life aren't allowed to be applied to mine, and I how I need to be less judgmental.


    It's judgmental when **I** do it, but when **HE** does it, it's totally okay 110% nw.

    • And in one simple post you just captured all of the struggle. lol Yeah like honestly, I love getting advice from guys, but on this site... I just turn that option off... like that might be judgmental of me but... so many guys are either mansplaining things to me on here or coming on to me... I don't know I guess by its nature this ssite attracts the broken hearted

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    • EW. victim blaming culture legit grosses me out. I can't stand that... and it actually hurts me that there's many girls on this site who I see falling for that too...

    • I understand that it's a struggle to work on for everyone, but it needs to be done.

  • Someone called me a bitch for being uninterested in a man who was pursuing me relentlessly but accepting the almond milk he gave me. I'm sorry that I'm broke and the way he gave it to me afforded no way to refuse.

    • Wow that sucks. I mean... if you're honest with how you feel and he keeps putting effort in... that's on him... it's not like you're letting him take you to five star restaurants.

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    • @BellePepper yep. Totally. Super villain status right there.

    • lol jeez what a bunch of dumbness. lol people don't get how annoying that pressure is.

  • One that stands out rn is how if a girl watches lesbian porn, she must be into chicks and that ALL women are bisexual. They have to push and mansplain their statistics and #facts on peoples lifes and emotions.

    I just want to get their IP address and attack them with an axe.

    • This post just goes to show how all feminists are crazy and angry... Let's do a countdown to see how long it takes THAT guy to show up :/
      But yeah I get you I hate how people pul out these dumb statistics from sites no one has heard of. Like jeez I know I'm not into chicks... your study doesn't change that.

    • LOL RIGHT?

      Yeah they are full of shit :/

  • I guess the ones that assume "dating" also equals "having sex with"... which is not the case with me. So they think I'm a slut, when I just went out on one date with a guy, didn't work, and moved on.

    • OMG right? That's guys in general, like I mean you see it all over even like the shit Taylor Swift gets if you want to see the media doing it... Honestly, slut's an ugly word and you shouldn't call anyone it regardless of their number of partners, you know...

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    • People want the illusion of purity too darn much... and seriously I think it's dumb they think someone's worth can be assessed by that...

    • I agree with you!