Why seek approval from others?

All these How Do I Look questions are starting to annoy me. Whether about bodies or faces. Why do you care what other people think about your looks? Especially random GaGers. Is 10 people telling you you're attractive going to solve your self esteem issues? Do you think you'll end up alone forever if GaGers don't rate you high? Do you expect someone to tell you you're ugly?
When the world outside says you're adequate (you have/have had lovers, people compliment you, etc.), why are you asking us? And again, do you seriously expect soneone here to say “Nah, you're ugly”?


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  • Me too, some just fish for compliments and some are so down on themselves they just hope they are liked. It has to start with loving yourself and until they do this they will never change. People should stop caring what others think of them, they are who they are and nothing will ever change it and nobody should want to change it. Similar to the guys questions of dicks argggghhhhhhhh so annoying


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  • Who doesn't like a compliment or a 3rd party opinion on your looks?

    Friends / family acquaintances aren't going to give it to you like the internet can. So people come here to get some more input on their appearance. Some lack self esteem, some genuinely don't know and others are attention whores.

    So keep them coming so i can judge you.

  • Think about how bizarre that we can think of ourselves in first, second and third person - often simultaneously. If you are seeking approval from others, you are usually trying to seek confirmation of a pre-existing opinion re. ourselves. That means you ( as I) aRE EVALUATING YOU ( as if you existed in the third person as a you that exists in the second person. Go Buddhist or go nuts.

  • It's basic human instinct, approval.


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