Does it seem odd that people ask questions here that Google can answer faster?

Sometimes I just copy the question and paste it into Google and BAM I got an awnser.

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  • Welcome to World we live in.
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  • Sometimes it's not really based on the question but rather the contexts in which the answer relays on.


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  • Yes, it does.
    About 99% of fact-based questions can be answered with a google search. Admittedly, some may require a bit more googling skill than others, but people really ought to know how things like reverse image searching work by now.
    Even with the opinion-based questions, the majority have been asked on here before.


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  • I honestly don't think most people view GaG as a pure Q & A site - It is a mix of all things a Q & A site , a forum to sound off on your views, a forum for discussion and an element of social media thrown in. Also within the Q & A, there are some questions that are not black or white but looking for a range of opinions.