Is it this site or my computer first time ever with these Issues?

Every time I go into the live feed section on this site or go into a question my computer freezes up for 45 sec even after I have posted an answer Its the same thing. I also can't upvote at times or vote in the pools, and when I click on more questions nothing goes through. What's going on here? I have been here for years and I have never experienced this before. I dont have any issues on other web sites only this one.

I use my laptop only


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  • Try a different browser and maybe try on your phone or another computer and see if you have this problem

    • I fixed it. Thanks for your time

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    • Thanks for the MHO

    • You're very welcome

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  • It gets very slow now and again but freezing no - Try a different browser or device to see if problem transcends to new format.


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  • hmmm did you click refresh?

    • Been going on for 3 days and I also restart my computer

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    • I use my laptop only

    • contact gag or turn off your wifi!

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  • What operating system and what browser are you using? Can you try with another browser?

    • It was my zoom vision on my computer it was giving me problems when I got a new monitor screen for some reason it really messed me up as far as using the site goes so I had to play with it and now Its all back to normal thanks for your time.

    • glad it worked.. thanks for the feedback