Should I change my profile pic?

I've had it ever since I opened my GAG account, and I really like it. But I'm getting the feeling that something needs to change, maybe now that I'm level 7. I feel a bit more experienced now because of that.
My friendly Sauron is nice, and it's also useful for explining why I use a Sauron persona whenever someone asks personal questions. But there could be something better out there, who knows?
If you want to, you can show me something you'd like to see. It's not necessarry, but I'd like it if it was Tolkien or LotR based.
This is probably me being bored and it will probably pass over, but a change would be exciting :)

  • Change it, I never liked it
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  • Change it, it'll be a fun change!
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  • Don't change it, I love you the way you are! (aww, thank you)
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  • Can't decide/I don't even care (I don't blame you to be honest)
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  • It is your choice friend when you have a character avatar, it becomes part of you - Most who put themselves in avatar changed it a lot but those that don't tend to leave it the same - Sorry that was just a random thought, doesn't really help discussion.


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