Rules and bad posts?

Hey I just saw someone post a question that reminded me of a question I've been wondering. I was just curious since I still haven't been on this site a long time, what dictates when a post gets deleted?

I posted a comment that got deleted for "antagonizing" when it was a complete joke in reference to someone in real life and not even the person who I was talking to on gag... Yet there's a guy who went around on every question being violently aggressive and cursing everyone out being very vulgar but his posts didn't get deleted. I don't get offended easily but his posts really offended me.

Just wondering why joking about a celebrity is worse than telling a bunch of people that they should die and such, totally unprovoked. Do people flag posts on here somehow? How does it work?

Thanks everyone. I don't even know how I didn't notice the flag before. I was looking all over the bottom instead of up there. I'm blind


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  • The report flag has been pointed out to you and the FAQs for the rules of the site - To be honest I am still not a 100% sure what gets a post deleted, a lot of times I hear of a comment being removed and think that is understandable, other times I hear of a post being removed and I think it was a bit harsh to remove it or something is reported but not removed that I think should have been removed. On the whole I think admin and the mods are doing a good job, the posts I have issues with are probably a very small under 1% of the total comments on here so I inclined to say we should just live with it though never be afraid to contact admin to ask why one of your comments was removed.


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  • If he was doing that then I doubt his posts would have stayed up for very long. How quickly a post gets deleted depends on who saw it and when it was posted. I've seen posts that were against the site rules that stayed up for days, simply because a mod/admin most probably hadn't seen it yet. If you find a post against the site rules then the best you can do it report it, it will bring it to the attention of an admin faster.

    • *when they saw it

    • He did and they're still up. One was deleted but the rest are still up there. I'll have to go flag them all then I guess

    • You could link it to me and I'll hide them for you.


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  • Don't worry about nazi mods removing things for no reason. This will probably get removed too haha


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  • There's a flag on practically everything you can use to report things. Questions, updates, comments, opinions, you name it. I'm assuming when someone does the mods get a notification or message and they look into it. I'm not entirely sure what factors play into what determines a post getting officially deleted or not though.

  • have a look at the FAQ page for more info

  • I don't know but gag need to stop checking on small thing and look at bigger issues.