Do you think we should be rewarded Xper points for every opinion received?

I think it's a good idea. It's an incentive to ask good questions that will get lots of responses...

  • Yes, I think it's a good idea.
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  • No, I'm fine with the reward system as it is in this regard.
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  • I think its a bad idea, intelligent questions always get the least attention, or well thats my experience pretty much anywhere. Shallow boring questions often get most.


Most Helpful Girl

  • No it would lead to a lot of trolling.

    • Hmm how is that?

    • Controversial questions get a lot of hits as do stupid questions like Can you whistle?

      If people posing questions are rewarded for each opinion it is naturally going to lead to an increase in both of these types of questions which isn't exactly ideal.

      I have no problem with either posed in earnest but it'd get annoying pretty damn quick if people were posing them just to stir up hits.

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  • Yeah! I think that's a cool idea. However, what I would prefer to see is the site remove points for every down vote a member recieves. Reach negative one and you're outa here! Better yet, reveal the cowards with crude or hurtful responces that hide behind annonymous replies! Oops a daisy! Computer glitch! Now stand behind your words, troll!

    • hahah trolls! You got love them!

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    • @apple24 lol! I ain't skerd of no trolls!

    • hahah! Trolls are ugly sad lumps of people!

  • It sounds good but it could lead to people asking popular rather than good questions.

  • You already can't get points for every opinion there are rules here already if your opinion was explicit, antagonistic, spam, etc. it gets removed.

  • Sounds good on paper, but the potential for exploitation of the XPer system is too high!

  • If you get good opinion & nice comments. You can upvote the opinions.

    • I meant a reward for the person posting the question... Xper points for each opinion received.

    • Yes. if the Mho has been for the person. If we get a better opinion than Mho we can select the asker up voted.

    • Either you don't understand my question or I don't understand your answer... ha ha. But thanks for sharing anyway...

  • I think we should get xper just for logging in.

  • Yes! They need to make it so!!!


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