Why do people comment on topics that theyre not interested at?

I remember once i made a "Whats your favorite..." topic and suprisingly some were like "i dont care/i dont give a damn" or "none of them are". So far this site isn't that bad but these users still do it. It iritates me. If theyre not interested then dont reply. Sometimes i wish downvoting an answer will lower the user's XP points. I never downvote someone i disagree when they have reasonable points/opinions. But things like "i dont care' or "idgaf" dont mean anything helpful or relevant.

before anyone says "anonymous users are trolls", some of these users i speak of are mostly unanonymous and they seem to be well known with the amount of XP they have.


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  • Because they can. Even before you can set it up so you can only receive answers from either boys or girls, some girls still answer even if i specifally asked "men, would you..." but You know, there are worse people on here than that.


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  • Those are comments that should be removed as "nonsense"; those people put dumb shit to get quick and easy XPer points.

    But it backfires... because u get extra XPer removed from your account for posts that get taken down.

    • But the thing is that those comments aren't offensive to anyone. It's just tiring seeing these irrelevant answers. but are you sure it can be removed as "nonsense"? I dont want to lose points for false reporting.

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    • sweet, thanks bro! :)

    • you're welcome


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  • Those people are trying to get Xper points.

    Please be sure to report it by flagging it under "Nonsense".

  • hmmm... i use to do this! I just wanted to get to all the question... but right now i don't because I don't want get removed from this site. I love this site believe or not.

  • Trolls.

    They're everywhere


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