Why dont we get Xper points when people answer our questions? Do you think this should be considered?


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  • well that time we are looking for advice.. and we are getting it.. if you ask a very good question it gets featured and you get 4 extra points.. plus you get points for selecting MHO.. I think that's enough..


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  • No, for the reason that people would start asking questions just to try and be popular.
    What I mean is that people would ask more "tag your favorite GAGer" questions or other tag questions... just because those tend to get a lot of people.

    It would be easily abused by xper hunters and would probably clutter the site up a lot with kind of unnecessary questions.

    For that reason, I don't think it should be put in.


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  • You get points when you post the question, when you choose MOHs, and if your question is featured though.


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