Is it just me or opinions in Mytakes are generally nicer compared to Questions?

I seen many genuine questions (not trolling) have some very rude answers.

  • It's just me
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  • It's true. Nicer people comment on Mytakes.
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  • HAH! lol, I'm my experience it can be as u say OR the complete opposite. depends on the content of the my take and how people choose to approach it. let's say the more 'controversial' topics are, the more likely people are to unleash on u. no surprise, but it must be mentioned that if ur gonna write about topics that can be sensitive, u have to be able to handle CIVIL criticism.

    some people here think they can just insult u, then insult u some more when u defend yourself, telling u u can't take criticism. -.- #logic


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  • It's the fact the MyTakes are usually planned in advance and well thought-out whereas many people ask and answer questions extemporaneously which may be affected by their feelings at a particular time. If someone is angry, they may answer in a snide or rude way whereas few people take the time to write a MyTake when they feel like that.

    • i see. What does the word "extemporaneously" mean? I really dont know.

    • Speak (or do something) without thinking.

    • okay thanks :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • It's true. Nicer people comment on Mytakes. of course I took the time to add pictures and write neatly.

  • It's not that nicer people comment on mytakes, it's that mytakes don't really ask questions...
    So no need for a personal statement on them.


What Guys Said 2

  • I think that would be a fair assessment - It takes time to read a take so more than likely you are taking it seriously rather than looking for an opportunity to troll.

  • I prefer question myself