Should G@G have an FAQ section?

Instead of asking the same question over and over and over and over again, they can simply find their questions and look at responses.

Instead of this:

Should G@G have an FAQ section?


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  • GAG has a FAQ section though it may not fulfill the goal you mean.
    You probably refer to questions user frequently ask on GAG?
    The FAQ is on questions about GAG.

    • That's the FAQ about GAG. com, I mean FAQs on the site!

    • I think there are too many questions, and one different word or typo would make it impossible to recognize it's a duplicate.
      You're suppose to search first, if similar questions have been asked. But I doubt if people do that. Me rarely, guilty 8)


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  • Excellent idea, if only new users would look at the FAQ's. I am SO tired of "is my 7" big enough" questions!

  • Every asker here wants their question to be special, to be their personal question to GAGers. They want their own personal answers directed to them. That is the whole ethos of GAG to my way of thinking. I simply ignore those questions that I'm not interested in answering.