Can I remove a question I asked here on GaG?

Hi! I would like to remove a question I asked or (if possible) the picture in it? I removed the source of the photo on the Internet and I thought it would dissappear here as well but it's still up. Is there any way to remove the picture or question from gag?


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  • It might be possible to disavow your question if it's not posted by you as anon. You can't delete the question. I think at one time, pics would disappear from GAG if removed from the web. I don't know ow the new pic posting system works.

    • Yeah I heard that too, I haven't tried the picture thing before but I didn't know they had changed it. I would never have posted a picture if I knew I weren't able to take it down. 😔

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    • Thanks for MHG!!

    • No, thank you! 😄


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  • No, you can't. However, after 24 hours you can disavow it. If you disavow it then it will be no longer connected to your account and you will not get any more notifications form it. Remember once you disavow it you can't get it back.

    • Oh okay, I'm anonymous in the question but there's a picture of me and I would really like for it to get removed for that reason. I thought it would dissappear if I removed the source of the link but that didn't seem to work.

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  • Change to anon. You could try asking an admin but if it isn't within their guidelines they may not remove it. The internet never forgets.

  • yes u can!!!

    • Really? No one else seems to think that. How can I remove it? 😍

    • I am sure that when u look at question it say delete but u have to wait a certain amount of time unless I am wrong.