Why aren't moderators/admins banning bullies?

This poor girl just quit after being harassed by this delusional woman, I can't believe she is getting away with this. Then again this isn't the first time I've seen her do this.


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  • I see Esplorare is up to her old tricks again, the mods and admins in this place are like teachers at school, constant miscarriage of justice (coming down like a ton of bricks on the wrong people while letting paramecia get away with bullshit) is just something you learn to ignore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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  • Come on! Give up. No one cares about what people say here... Why do you mind so much? Get over yourself!

    • Um she just made her quit... it was a level 7 account, that's a lot of effort down the drain.
      Besides I thought harassment wasn't tolerated here. Not to mention she was just a kid.
      And for some reason I have a rousing suspicion that you are the harasser in question.

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    • Sure whatever, anyone reading this can easily discern who's more believable.
      Well Goodbye and good luck getting by with your attitude.

      On a side note, you just gave yourself away.

    • Sure... You too


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  • Hi,
    Those posts have already been taken care of. Please, keep reporting disrespectful activity by clicking on the flag right above the opinions, comments, and/or questions.
    Thank you.

  • Mods can't ban anyone, and the rules of gag are ridiculous, thats one of the reasons I gave up being a mod.

    Admins take on too much work and you are simply a worker in this giant hive. You can approach admins and talk about users and also approach mods and talk about them. But will it get fixed? no

  • Wait, so i dont want to spend the time reading the post, Can someone just tell me who the bitch is? Esplorare, is that who?

  • This is not right. Is the girl that is being the bully got her profile set to public or private?

    • I am trying to work out the level the girl is going to when she is being a bully. What she is saying.

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    • It is, when used in a hostile tone. She also called her a "pu**y" and a "coward" on the post right below her, not to mention her increasingly aggressive tone towards the little girl in itself can be considered bullying.

    • You might see it that way but I am just telling you how GAG admins will see it. GAG admins are the ones that have the final say with what gets removed and what gets to stay and I am telling you they will not remove that.

  • I've seen lots of people on here claiming they get bullied and they actually don't they just get offended easily and like to make themselves the victims. And in this case its just the internet trolls are fun.

    • Maybe you should go and read what she said to her. I've never seen anyone quit just so they can play the victim card.

    • Its all just trolling or even if its not you shouldn't care what people on the internet think.

  • "Delusional woman"

    Sounds like the only reason you think it was bullying was because you didn't agree what she was saying. Anyway I didn't see any bullying in the question, so honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

    • Um let me quote some of the things she said to this little girl
      "disgustingly self-centered"
      "self-centered" again
      As you can see she has this way of utilizing words to provoke people without directly attacking them. Not to mention she was being an ageist as well.

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    • Her original comment "I'm really sorry you think that, it's completely wrong. It's about all the Muslims in Europe who are getting blamed and harrased for this. Which may include me in the future."

      Response "No. It is not all about you and your feelings. Not everything revolves around you. If you are so disgustingly self-centered that you are making 129 deaths all about your feelings then you need to focus less on what others are doing and go do some soul searching.

      Your level of self-absorption is very unbecoming."

      If you can't see the hostility in her tone, then I have nothing else to say to you.

    • Her original question was hostile and aggressive to begin with. And negativity isn't the same as hostility, this question is obviously not about bullying you have a personal problem with her and now you are mad that moderators aren't doing what you want them to do. She didn't bully anyone, and she doesn't deserve to get banned more from her comments than the asker did about her stupid question.

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  • It's kind of hard to know when arguing turns into bullying on here. But some people are way too antagonistic, I'll give you that.

  • It's the Internet, people are offended one day and forget about it the next. It's real life that we should concern ourselves about. Why stir the pot more?

    • The best way to deal with individuals who bully you on the Internet is ignore them. They don't even know you, so you mustn't get angry.

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    • I don't really care I just don't want people like her polluting this site.

  • I am not sure. Maybe because they don't see it as bullying but arguing.