Not sure how they could do this, but it would be great if gag could find a way to ensure that a person reads the details before answering. Any ideas?

It's frustrating to get one or two responses and the person or persons didn't read any of the details. Kind of defeats the purpose of getting advice, if it only pertains to the limited space you have to ask a question.


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  • This site, or the admin of it, can't control how much of the information the members actually read. There would be no way to monitor that.


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  • Or a better solution would be construct the title and description in a why that makes it interesting to read.

    • Yes, that would solve some of it. I got one response to a question that I asked. She used up all her 1000 characters and had to add 600 more for her response. 1600 words to answer but miss the main point of the question because she couldn't read 80 words. I'm sure when I wake up tomorrow I'll have more responses, hopefully by someone without ADD.

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