If we've ever talked... or you found me and followed me, how did it happen? If I know, I'll tell you in return! I'm just ver curious. Also, what was your first impression of me?


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  • You stalked me for days. I'd see you following me from about 30 feet behind me, looking cautiously at me, as I walked home. Whenever I turned around you'd run away, arms flailing wildly as you got taken out by that tree you never saw coming. You'd add me to all the social media sites, including the ones I don't even have. I'd sometimes see you peeking through my window trying to sneek a look at the goods but you get spooked when you saw me and get taken out by a tree again while attempting to flee. I remember the time rose pedals were falling on my head and I thought "wtf is this shit" only to look up and see you in a tree with a box full of them throwing them down on me by the hand full. You then proceeded to fall out of the tree.


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  • You just kinda popped up on my feed one day? lol you came out of nowhere, it feels like. And then you followed me, I noticed quite a bit of your questions and opinions so I eventually followed back.

    My first impression is that you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age tbh


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