How come you can still see people you blocked on GAG?

I havw blocked them for I can't see them anymore, yet I can stil lthem. It brings back bad memories seeing some users I blocked.


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  • You shouldn't be seeing Blocked users on your feed and Question/myTake list pages.
    On which page are you seeing blocked users?
    A screenshot would be helpful.

    • I've been seeing them also. When I answer questions I am able to see their responses to users.

    • @Stacyzee You will see blocked users opinions on Question and myTake pages... But you shouldn't be seeing their posts on Live Feed or on Question/myTake list pages


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  • I don't know but it gets on my damn nervous! I have few people blocking me and its just ughhhh like ugh!

  • I know i hate seeing them to but hey what can you do? GAG should completely block them from your feed.

  • Would be awesome if they can just blur them out lol


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  • Why? you are not able to see? I mean the user should be able to see whom he has blocked, seems to be some technical issue.

  • It is only their questions you can't see plus they can't post on your questions/opinions - You can still see their opinions.

  • close you eyes...

  • You'd like to ban them?
    Thenn start your own site. There you're the admin.

    • No you dummy, he meant hiding their posts.

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    • Seriously @Opinion Owner? You have a poor interpretation of what the user specifically requested...

      Since you cannot seem to get it, I'll explain.

      User doesn't want to read a person's post. That doesn't implicate the user wants the offending person to be banned. Perhaps you misunderstood "blocking" as in, "blocking the offending poster from ever posting again". But that isn't the case being made. The situation is user has blocked the offending poster yet the site's implementation of "user blocking" isn't the same as other services that will hide all of the blocked person's content.

      1. You should be addressing that to the @asker not @ichot. I'm merely pointing out your misdirection and wrongful assumptions.

      2. Your solution to a technical problem is "learn to accept"? That's not even a solution. That's dismissing the entire problem.

    • If I block you, you aren't allowed to answer in any discussion where I'm answering in. That's already a ban. Is that how you want it? You would want me to hide your other answers elsewhere too?