Is it true that GAG is only known to people who themselves are GAGers? Have you ever met someone who never joined but knows about it?

How many such people do you know?


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  • personally i never knew about this site till i became a member. id imagine it's like that for many of us because this isn't one of those well known sites. i reckon it'll make its way up there eventually though.
    i kinda like that not everyone knows about it. makes it our little secret kinda :P


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  • I would think only members know about it - It is not one of the big global phenomenon social sites like Facebook or Instagram.

    • Yeah. I agree. And as @justbanANNAz stated, whoever's here wants this to be their secret existence.

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  • No, hardly anyone from my country knows about it. And I'm not even telling anyone, because I wouldn't want them pollute this site, as a lot of people from my country do over here!