Are you learning more of GAG than public but formal information?

Formal information like through the school-system, or other formal information sites? If so, which (you don't have to state your school though, lol).


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  • i'm not sure what you're asking but i haven't learned anything from GaG other than they way some members think and a few slang words

    • Then it's not important to you why I'm asking, but thank's for your contribution.

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  • I learnt different things from the different information providers in my life - It would be harsh to say one is better than the other but maybe some are better suited to some things than others so you probably learn what you need from the mix available.

    • Actually this site uses people's opinion as a source of information - which can be good if that's what you wanna know. Still it's not secure information where it would qualify as a good source of information which are evidence biased. I'm in the field of IT, that's why I find it interesting. Toodles