Whos your favorite person on girls (ask) guys 👥?

hi i created this for all you nice people to talk about your favorite person or crush on girls (ask) guys community enjoy friends and share any thing you want feel free have fun!!!😘

tell me what you think☺
im 15 and teenage female if you have any questions just ask im all comfortable it can be anything
no offensive stuff 😠
no racist stuff😑
🚺ladies and gentlemen 🚹ask me anything you like feel free bye friend's

😴 zzz
no offense to everyone if some of you have a problem with me as the asker you can get the fuck off of my post

good day😘


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  • I am in a love/hate feels with the Anonymous Legion. Some are pretty cool, others are terrible trolls.

    (Not you, but some other users I've encountered while here have been less than desirable to communicate with).

    • tell me about it there pretty much creeps or asshole

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    • I appreciate thank you, my friend! :)

    • Welcome :)

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