Has anyone ever lost their mod status?


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  • Probably most mods who think they might lose their mod status over quotas or activity would resign - That was one of the reasons why I resigned as a mod - I have actually never heard of anyone being stripped of Mod status, lots of warnings though.

    • You purposefully resigned?

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    • I wouldn't worry if I remember correctly the quota is 10 a month - What is that one every 3 days it just seems a lot at first - You probably see at least one a day - Maybe tell the odd user not to be rude but you had to hide their comment because of the quota - I was worried I mightn't be here all the time that was where my quota worries came from

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  • I almost did.
    But not because of quota or success ratio.
    I got a warning cause too many of my posts were getting removed :x Cause I'm a dick.

  • No I never got one and I don't want one! hahah (:

  • I haven't... yet. We'll see if I can hide and report enough times.

    • I get that feel. Some days I can barely find anything worth hiding. On others it's the other way around.

    • I know what you mean. I'm also pretty easygoing, so I think a lot less bothers me than other users, haha. I really have to look hard at times.

  • I have no clue but if I somehow ever became one I definitely would 😂

  • I just did because my percentage wasn't up enough or something like that...


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  • I know people who have been warned about losing their mod status but they've always pulled their percentage back up fast when they were told.

    I know people who have lost it due to inactivity (like they take a break). Since it ultimately boils down to success ratios and stuff, inactivity for long periods like a month or two would really hurt you.

    Personally, I don't care too much about being a mod-, but I know many people who get warned about losing status so they work harder and find more posts.

    I think they are starting to possibly crack down a bit more on people actually!

    • I dunno I've never had a direct warning to me personally but I've received the automatic messages they send out to all mods that had the small reminder for keeping up the good work unless you want to lose your status.

    • I've never had a warning either, but I think it is because I've been keeping up the quota.

  • What is a mod? I know mods are used for PC games to make in game improvements or extensions.

    • Short for moderator, like me per instance. We just make sure to hide and report the bad stuff so the admins could deal with it

    • Oh I see, so if I tell someone to go and F themselves, you report it and the Admins delete the message and tell me off?

    • Pretty much.