What don't you like about Aeon?

I see some of you got a problem with old man Aeon. Well speak up and explain yourself here. (For once and ONLY IN THIS TOPIC I WON'T BE AN ASS. So you are safe to speak your mind about me.)


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  • The nonsense you spew about women even though not all women are the same. How would you feel if I said "All men are just butt hurt assholes because the world has decided to sway from their misogynistic views over the past century, and how they're good for nothing except throwing temper tantrums like a bunch of 2 yr. olds just because they're getting a taste of what women had to go through for thousands of years. Women have been raped legally, have had their property taken by their husbands (or male relative if she wasn't married), sold off into forced marriages, could be legally killed or cast out from society, forced to no seek a good education, and treated like prizes to the highest bidder like cattle, but when things change a little bit men get angry. Men don't know how to love, they only know how to lust and bitch about everything that doesn't go their way. It's hypocritical how the complain about how some women only go after a man for his property when men only married before because the woman and anything she came with became his property. She had no rights. Ughhh... Why are men so shallow, lustful, hypocritical and materialistic?" You wouldn't like someone saying that would you? Because not all men are shallow, lustful, hypocritical, and materialistic just like how not all women are gold diggers with an easy life who only cares about the things a man has. Stop being an idiot for once in your life and actually grow a brain, mate. Not everyone's the same.


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  • I never had any problem with you - I must stay away from the questions where you get into arguments.


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  • Your questions man... I did a preemptive block weeks ago lol.

    "The simple fact that women can't love the body proves it. We humans have no souls, we are our bodies. If a guy loves your tits, ass, lips and hair HE IS LOVING YOU FOR YOU. We humans are just bodies and nothing else.

    Women love how you make them feel
    Women love your money
    Women love the meaning of your height
    Women love the power of men
    Women love when you fix things
    Women love your charm

    But she can never just look at your body and truly love it. Seeing as you are just a body she's likes only the that's that surrounds it. Men love the female body directly. Men will stay with that female body because he loves it so much."

    Your perspective is... irritating.

  • You feel the need to patronize people and tell them how to live their lives based on your stereotypical views of the world. It's quite frankly, deeply insulting and unnecessary.

    You're probably still going to be an ass; I don't think you can help yourself. You really ought to see someone about that.

  • Dont know you, dont care...


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  • I thinks you're a bit weird but I often get a laugh out of reading your comments.