Where have all of the GAGers gone?

Is it just me or are a lot of GaGers deactivating lately? I haven't been active in a few weeks and now I'm seeing a lot of inactive accounts; even some of the best GaGers are gone ! ?

Whoooooooooo is gone? (and yes I put in all 10 "o"s that made ElissaDido dizzy)

Keyspirits -- Asian boi is gone? i cri 😒 (and so do cinderelli, ElissaDido, and Missnowhere I'm sure)

MsKay -- why are some of the smartest, wisest younger GaGers leaving? they make GaG a better place

cl_517 -- nooo not Clarissa! GaG is a lot less sunny without you! (the quiz answers alone will be missed!)

PiuBelloAmante, Chocolateismylover, Roostah, Marshmellowking -- all gone?

Almost put Homicidal_Queen on here until I noticed Jade got a new account (sweet and homicidal? lol!)

Here's hoping at least some of them return someday...


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  • I know what you mean here, dear, and even with @TheGrumpyCat who left us awhile ago, it doesn't seem the same anymore.
    I never know who is Here today and Gone tomorrow, but I do know, that no matter what, They will never be Forgotten.
    My cousin @RicanEyes left and came back, and so Happy that she is back on here and that she plans on staying for awhile.
    Thank you for informing us on a few I didn't know were Gone... I am sure it would mean a lot to them to know that You took the Time to Post and Boast.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for the upvote, sweetie. xxoo

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    • Wise and insightful as always Paris13.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words and compliment, sweetie, and also for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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  • They're all Anonymous now, like us!


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  • Whoooooooooo is back from what I've heard through the grapevine... Somewhere xD

    I still talk to cl_517 outside of GAG. I think she needed a break from GAG for awhile.

    I think Piu just got bored as did most of the others.

    Many people come to GAG in cycles. They find it, get addicted, either get bored or whatnot, and then leave. Then new people show up and do the same thing. They probably just got to a point in their life where they didn't need GAG or feel the need for it so they left.
    New people will come, new friendships will be formed, and life will go on. I'm sure we'll see questions like this happened with different names on the list as well :)

  • Roostah had fun questions.
    Glad whooo is reincarnated
    CL was sweet
    PiuBello should come back just to end @elissadido 's emotional distress lol
    And glad Hom Queen is back, we had a scare right there

  • I didn't know MsKay was gone - Heard her talking about maybe deactivating a couple of weeks back - cl_517 had finals (that could be her reason) - I seem to recall Woooooo talking about school.
    I saw the return of sweet homicidal queen last night - I don't know what finally makes some people deactivate but a good few return.

  • Oh, you meant deactivated people.
    I thought there was a GaGer BBQ or Mixer i did'nt get an invite to.

  • I wonder if I left if people would notice lol

  • Don't worry you still got me😛

  • Roostah was a moron, so its good that he left

  • Some new celebrities might come about someday.

  • ahhhh wth! I didn't know cl_517 left :(

  • I'm still here, no need to be sad. ❀
    Nighty night. Keep ya butthole tight.

  • what @MsKay deactivated? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    didn't notice that 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭