Do guys talk about the girl they like?

Guys, say you have a close friend or family member that's a girl and you tell her when you like someone. If you liked her best friend would you tell her or would you not wanna make it awkward? Cuz of course she's gonna tell her friend whatever you said


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  • It depends if a guy wants the girl to find out that they like her, he might tell her best friend in the hope that she tells her friend.


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  • I assume they'd tell them


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  • sounds like fear.
    guys talk to other people about girls they like. and we dont generally talk about sex we had. guys that blab about sex with women are looked down on by mature men. its rude, immature, and they could be lying etc.

    but telling others you find
    a woman attractive is being honest,
    and a compliment to that woman. even if she isn't attracted to you. girls, we dont need your approval to like or dislike you.

  • Never. Some guys are real assholes and will try to joke around your crush, even try to ruin it for you or humiliate you lol

    I just prefer keeping that stuff for myself thanks to my "friends" XD


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