Is there any way to get untagged in something?

If some dumbass tagged me on something I didn't want to be tagged in, is there some way to have a mod or editor or whatever delete it?

I'm fuming and I'm about ready to leave GAG over this BS. I make one comment without going anon and all hell breaks loose...


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  • Sounds a bit like an harassment issue - You could report the user for harassment


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  • Well, if you block that person, they won't be able to @ mention you. But that's the most you can really do. If the post is offensive or antagonistic you can always report it.

    Mods have no power over this sort of thing. We only recommend posts to be removed, we are not able to edit posts or anything like that. Likewise, Editors have nothing to do with this, that title just relates to their status as MyTake writers.

    Anyways, it would be nice to be able to this, I believe a similar feature exists on facebook if you don't want to be tagged in a photo...


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