Why was a warning message removed?

A warning message was posted by @KRIEL55 about the behaviour of a male GAGer.

Why was a warning to other lady GAGers, about his behaviour, removed? I would not consider a warning message to be a "member post". Maybe admin thinks otherwise.


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  • Negative questions about other members are removed for "member post." Making a "warning message" is also not a question which could be another reason for removal. If a user has an issue with another member, they should block that user and report their profile or send a direct message to one of the admins about it so we can investigate the problem and take action if necessary.

    • Sure. I understand all this. It just seems a bad situation when someone can wreak havoc in a few minutes and no one is allowed to give a heads-up. Many people use a statement as a rhetorical question. Yes, it could have been worded as an unambiguous question. Maybe all the ladies here should make their profiles as private as possible, stopping unsolicited PMs.

    • yeah it was a member post, and he was the one who blocked me after saying a bunch of ridiculous things that i wanted to respond to but couldnt, and then i called him out on a post hoping he'd see it, and basically let everyone know that he's got some screws loose but it got deleted. just wow.

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  • While intentions are good it is still a "Member Post" and they are there to avoid the possibilities of false accusations or something similar.

    • So some guy can wreak havoc on here via PM and nobody can give a warning heads-up?

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    • Thanks for MHG

    • Always welcome!


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  • You aren't allowed to start posts about of members.

  • It's against the site rules to form a post like that. However, if a super moderator hid the question, it will still be reviewed by an admin before it gets either deleted or reposted.

    • So the warning is hidden? I guess if you hadn't read this question from me, you could be next in line for a bad PM!

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    • they have reviewed it and decided to delete it. its not that what he said made me extremely offended and made me want to talk shit to everyone, he just said some really ridiculous things and then blocked me after he knew i'd have something even better to say back (because we were arguing before that and he just kept sounding dumb) so i was hoping he'd see my post about him and just see what i have to say about him, well andd let everyone know what this guy is about.

    • @KRIEL55 trust me I know how you feel you just have to let it go. It's just the Internet ☺

  • I don't know, some of the posts that they remove doesn't really go against the guidelines.

    But I think that was a member post. So they took it down.

    I don't know

  • i dont even know, that is so weird. im surprised that it was removed. i see some crazy and offensive posts on here all the time yet THAT is what they chose to remove? smh.

    • i just read the message they sent me, they said it was removed for being a member post. oh wow.

    • and the only negative thing i said about him is that he is "some loser"

  • "Member Posts – We do not allow members to talk negatively of other GAGers in posts.
    For example, "[username] is a stupid jerk!" will be removed.
    - ALL *Questions and Takes* about specific members in a negative way are removed as Member Posts."

    • So there is now no warning?

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    • the only "names" i called him was "that loser"

    • @KRIEL55 And that was talking negatively about him...

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  • Well, at least there's no group gossips here.

  • "member post". You're not allowed to post about other members