What are current goals or objectives here at girlsaskguys. com?

May I ask, if there even actually is one or any at all?

I meant What are "Your" current goals and objectives here?


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  • I don't really have any - I used to have " I must get so many Xper points or be an Xper level or such a certain rank " then I got there and realised it is not that important to me.
    It sounds really pompous but I want to be a good GaG user, have a good time here, have good interaction with other GaG users on lots of levels. The site has helped me out a lot so I want to pay it back by helping the site and its users.


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  • I started surfing through this website hoping I could help girls and guys. It's useless


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  • I don't have any goals or objectives on GAG. I'm probably not even using the Xper Points for anything. I just made my account to post questions to either solve a problem or to get to know how something works.

    • I think when it comes to the Xper points system the only feature that really mattered to me would be being able to navigate the website without the ads causing interruptions.

      Right now it's just a bunch of messing around and see if I find any members here like-minded or similar to myself and if they ever want to be 'friends' here with me but I'm not getting my hopes up on it.