Why do people on here avoid the original question?

I've noticed some people on here would rather answer everything else but the question you ask and for some reason that's a good thing? Doesn't it make you a bit illiterate? At least lacking in reading comprehension.


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  • Because often questions contain things that are true that people don't want to admit. Especially when it is something bad about their gender or something people avoid the question.

    • You're spot on bro.

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    • Thank you for MHA

    • Welcome.


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  • The question could also be confusing, lost in translation, there were multiple questions, or something didn't add up between the question and the details.


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  • Lots of people have their own style - I notice people tend to read the headline question and gloss over details then you have to phrase your question very well - Sometimes it feels like people go off on tangents , I must admit I find myself doing it but do try to drag myself back to the exact question before the end of my answer.
    I have a certain sympathy though if you answer 30 questions on live feed chances are you are hopping from subject to subject and stuff could be still on your mind from previous questions so I think it would take an exceptional mind to isolate each question and zero in on a perfect on point answer,