What can I do here?

Hi everyone My English is not good. I signed up here and wana practice English. I'm Turkish. Who show me around? ^^


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  • Well first Welcome! It's nice to meet you! I can't say that I'm very familiar with the Turkish culture, but I am familiar with helping people improve their English! I live in an area where many Japanese people come and work for a while for various reasons. Personally I'm studying Japanese so whenever the opportunity arises for me to meet someone Japanese, I befriend them and learn from them as I teach them what I can about the English language and my own culture. If you're interested in some extra help feel free to message me whenever you like!


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  • What do you want to know young Man? I will try to help

    • Thank you... Actually I want to know differences between us ^^ so it's hard to tell. :)

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    • I am not familure with the Turkish cultures to be honest

    • okeyy then :) I'll figure out differences between us. I saw this web site in Turkish and I thought maybe there is a other one which is English

  • Hi - Welcome to site - Just participate on the site and it will probably help your English.