You think G@G should give everyone 16 extra xper points in honor of year 2016😋? Or even 10 extra xper points on bdays?

Just a silly, random thought.


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  • They do give us points on our birthday and if you joined the site on Jan 1st then you'll also get points on that day for your anniversary.

    I'm guessing you haven't made it a year yet? Lol

    • Nope not yet. I think I joined back in June or July of last year

    • Oh okay we yeah you'll be receiving 25 xper points unless they lower it again... We once received 100 xper points for these events

    • So @KDA20 said. All I know is, they better not lower it again.


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  • You do get extra Xper points on your birthday. I wouldn't complain with more on the new year, but it's not necessary.

  • Eh, who cares.
    And they do gift people some Xper points on their birthdays.

  • I think everyone 16 years of age should not be allowed to post questions or answers. Their answers are stupid and the questions are even more stupid. They need to shut up and listen

    • Uhm ok? Uh what does that have to do with this question though? And by the way, this site is for all ages from 14 on up. You're never too old or too young to ask or and questions. Age doesn't equal up to experience really. Ever heard of old fools? There's plenty of younger people who have high wisedom beyond their years. I should know because that's how I've always been.
      Think and reread questions before you give an answer. :)

  • A free xper point on your birthday would be awesome.