Why do some people on GaG attack other people's opinions?

It's as though they are trying to mold you into being them. I would never jump on someone else's opinion to argue with them. It's rude and it comes across as psychotic.

I am not meaning those who can have a genuine reasonable debate. I mean the people who are actually full of anger because you don't view things the way they do.


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  • I am not sure why - It just seems to be a default anger response - I do actually think they don't mean it, it is just ingrained in them and puts them automatically in defensive/attack mode.


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  • I dunno! People just love to be idiot trolls! I get downvotes and hate because all my answer have to be in complete detail or people are bitchy about things! Well Fuck it! I am not gonna! I give detail question when I am tired or I can relate! that how I am! (:

    • Yeah that's another thing I've noticed. Some people downvote great genuine opinions. Thanks


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  • Depends on what kind of opinions. If they're irrational , of cause they're gonna cause anger, especially those opinions that attack a specific type of people.

    But I do agree that the are normal opinions like "I like bread" that get some people fired up, and I ahree that it's kinda psychotic and rude, but well, you know how people are...

    • Yeah that's the type of questions I mean... people's preferences etc. I understand that debates will get heated on controversial topices but there's nothing controversial about "what type of bread do you like" or what's your favorite type of dog etc

  • I don't know, I've had a few already, but oh well
    *insta block* and it's gone

    • Yeah, I block them too. One guy jumped on every users opinion on a question I asked. He displayed psychotic behaviour

    • XD
      I can imagine a mytake coming up about the kinds of trolls
      '... this one showed psychotic behavior'

    • Haha I should do one about that. Lol

  • I used to be like that. People who get angry over opinions just need to get laid.

    • Haha maybe that's the reason. They need to relieve their frustration

  • cause some opinions aren't opinions there just non-sense

    • Usually the opinions are not at all. I've noticed this a lot from certain users. Usually the ones attacking the opinions of others users have weird outlooks. I asked a question last week and a certain user attacked everyones opinion on my question. What he was saying had no substance at all

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    • Yes but if a question is asked ", what's your favorite fruit" certain users will attack other people's preferences. That is not a difference in opnion it's a difference in preference.

      Plus I disagree with many people's views but I'm not psychotic and I have control over my emotions so I give my opinion on my own opnion thread. I never attack their because I'm not a controlling person. I couldn't care less about other users opnions.

    • Theirs*

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  • I know it's really frustrating. I mean I will admit that I do it however when I do we'll have a healthy debate and still respect one anothers view. I'll also admit that things don't always go that way and that I do attack some peoples opinion but only due to the fact that they said something rude, ignorant, racist, etc and what do they expect?

    But it really does get annoying when people down vote or jump in argue over things when the qa asked questions that ask for your personal opinion like religion, circumcision, gay rights, etc. I mean you have a right to disagree but it's an opinion there is no wrong or right saying these things isn't going to change my mind and it's really annoying how people become hostile just because you don't agree with them.

  • Sometimes some posts deserve anger eg. "I'm an adult who likes children", "I'm saying horrible things about other people", "I'm asking a ridiculous question we all know I already know the answer to."

    Other times there are stories between people you may not know about that cause clashes in comments.

    Basically you can decide how YOU choose to behave and hope that people will treat you as you treat them.

    • I'm not talking about weird questions like that. . For example if I prefer strawberries and a certain person hates them and prefers oranges they'll attack everyone's opinion who doesn't like oranges. I block people like that. It shows they are mentally unstable

    • Oh lol... I don't know if it means they're mentally unstable so much as like... hilarious? Like if a person wants to jump on people over fruit, they kind of get whatever comes to them. Sometimes they're trolling though too :/

    • Lol yeah maybe they are trolling and just wanting a confrontation. Thanks