Do gag admins show favoritism towards their friends on here?

I rarely report people so it's not like I'm abusing the report the people but a couple times I have reported some people for antagonistic comments and the administrators just leave the comment there


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  • If they're antagonistic then they are removed regardless of who made them. If the comments are still there then they didn't violate any rules. If you want to have something looked at more immediately than contact a mod or an admin about it.

    • Ummmm I had a post about something very serious and all the person said on my post was hahahahaha . Do you condone that?

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    • No it is not.

    • that is why did administrator should respect the user's opinion on what they feel is offensive and they should regard it.

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  • There has always a feeling about this - I will relay my experience as a mod when I didn't know the person I would hide opinion straight away but if I knew the person I might say that they didn't really meaning it and often not hide but prefer to say to the person possibly you are going too far with the tone of these comments especially if getting into fights and lashing out.

  • Well i think that it happens in every site like this