How come I can't tag a person but I am not blocked by them?

I know that I am not blocked because when they post an opinion that is not on anon I can comment to them. Can you turn the tagging feature off on GAG or something so noone can tag you.


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  • You know that you are not blocked, you are not posting anonymously, and you still cannot tag them? That could be a glitch. If you want, you can let me know the post where this happened and we can look into it :)


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  • I would say it is a glitch or one of those weird things like an anon question or something that interferes with tagging. That has happened to me before as well but I never got to bottom of it.


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  • That's happened to me before too. I've copied and pasted the username to make sure I got it right but for some reason it just doesn't tag them and I know I'm not blocked because they've usually just commented on my post :P As far as I'm aware, you can't turn off the tagging feature, it just might be another one of GAG's glitches.

    • Yes, I copied and pasted the username to. Yeah, probably is, GAG has another glitches. Lets see if it works for you @fauchelevent

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