How can I make "Live Feed" invisible?

Feminism... White Knights... Anti-Feminism... Fat-shaming...

Dat's all I see on live feed... so I'd rather hide it... it's getting tiring and sad as well seeing how much people get obsessed wid so stupid stufff...

Y do u care so much anyway about such lousy topics? I don't understand...

I meant feed bar...


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  • lol u clearly don't see the other topics on the live feed do u?

    • I meant feed bar on da right...

      Anyway 1/2 anon topics r like those I mentioned above... it sucks to see ppl's stupidity... being obsessed wid stupid topics like those...

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    • oh yeah sorry :P ok ill remember.

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  • Yea nerds (90% of this site) lol Csnt dodge em OP, just make em mad till they blast with their high blood pressure since its only internet lol


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  • Just answer questions. Don't click on the live feed. Click on questions. That's all I do.

    • I don't answer questions anyway... I ask questions only...

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    • On the feed bar to the side? I barely even look at that.

    • yeah dat... exactly...