3 Questions Only In 24 Hours? What happened? What's the meaning of this?

Sorry GAG but... it's disgusting... it's unfair... hope it's just a joke...

Put a limit to max/opinions day at least... like 10 at most... so I can feel justified somehow... I find it totally unfair man... it's like it was "just a punishment for me" since I rarely post opinions now (like 1 opinion per week) but I was asking 7 questions daily...

to dat cowardish anon female 18-24 who doesn't allow comments in her opinion:

"do u wanna feel ma fists on yer face? gee u r lucky i'm not around... of course u were reported for calling me a spammer..."
Anonymous 25-29, female:

hilarious u say? I can tolerate everything... even if u wished me to die I'd tolerate it... but I cannot tolerate being called a "troll" or a "spammer" even as a joke... I really hate those 2 words...


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  • It's just crazy, unfair to other users, this site is for asking questions and now some people can't even ask more than 3!!

    • finally a good comment...

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  • As I mentioned on another question about this, the change was made in an effort to allow questions more exposure time on the recent questions page and live feed. There has been an increase in the amount of questions being asked which is great but it was causing more questions to go unnoticed and not receive any opinions. So this is why the change was implemented. We want more questions to be seen by more users and increase their chances of getting more opinions :)

    • It's a good change

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    • Oh wow i had no idea you guys changed tgat. Thata cool!

    • @Toad-1 Guru & Masters r always get benefited... isn't it unfair?

  • Just curious why you ask son many questions without being willing to reply to other people's questions? Like a little give and take?

    I think this is part of the issue. Some people just want to troll all day with questions and have no intention of trying to offer helpful advice to other users. Just my opinion. .. since you asked a question. ☺☺

    • Y I don't reply? Coz most questions here r crap... feminism/white knights/y don't guys like me?/how do i look and fucking shit like dat... I'd rather ask ma own.. after all I choose unusual topics and don't ask pathetic questions like I mentioned above...

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    • Sorry man I can't see it. What does it mean? What are you trying to say? ❔❓

    • Weren't I gave u an order to not post again in ma question?

      It's an ORDER... questions r like ships... and question asker = ship's captain..

      so as an asker... I give u an ORDER to not post to ma question again.,... I don't ACCEPT u... u r just not welcomed...

      Got it? Now I don't want to see ANY further response coming from u... it's over...

  • That's still a ton! I ask like 2 questions a month or something.

    • A ton? Really? I even felt limited wid 7/day... but 7/day was ok (not to be ungrateful)... I got very disappointed today (worst change in GAG ever)... pff after all I'll leave after I have ma card... I'll try write some good Take so I can reach ma reward and then bye...

  • You need to relax, it's really not that big a deal... At the very least I wouldn't call it 'disgusting' jeez...

    • Your update is hilarious by the way

  • Chances are, you weren't asking questions, you were spamming.


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  • Anything more than three a day is pure spam. And that's being generous. Because most likely one a day is spam. That's just asking questions for the sake of asking questions.

    • more than 3 questions is "spam"... and 200 opinions per day isn't?

      It's ridiculous to allow someone to post 200 opinions in one day... but limit him/her up to 3 questions only... don't u think so?

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    • They are two different things. But I wouldn't be against a limit on opinions also.

    • so where would u put yer limit?

  • I guess they got tired of all the dumb pointless questions people be asking

    "Zomg he look at me then he look away, does he like me?"

    • I agree... such questions r stupid... but not all of us ask such pitiful questions...

  • I know, its back to the old days now. I love asking questions. Now i gotta wait 😭😭😭