Why are people always so bitter and angry on here?

Okay, so I take a break from GaG and do things I enjoy doing. Talk to people I enjoy talking to and such and everything is fine. I gain a positive and happy mood.

I come back to this site, and start talking to people with a happy and positive vibe, only to be met with bitterness and anger for no reason at all. It doesn't take more than an hour for the poisonous GaG cloud exposure to kick in and for my mood to be ruined again.

There are people on here who act like they are happy on the outside but extremely bitter inside. I can tell just by reading their opinions on here. I've always thought that I could bring a positive vibe in myself by forcing myself to be positive when I'm depressed or not in a good mood, but that's not a good way to do it.

Just be honest with your feelings and say what you feel. You will become happy after a break, and that's when you'll be genuinely positive again and can have a positive vibe around you.

Should I just avoid those kind of people or something? It's weird because people's opinions can be often clouded by their anger and bitterness, so I don't know who is being truthful.

I get that someone else made you angry, or perhaps you hate my gender, or race, but: I didn't do anything to you! Why should me, who is being positive and good to you, have their mood ruined just because of someone else, when I wish you nothing but to smile and have a nice chat?

I know most people on here will probably say "I'm not bitter, I'm just not nice" - Plenty of people are in denial on here. Perhaps most would even pretend that they are happy and yet write moody takes or questions.

Anyway, I'm just being honest with my feelings here. I had to let it out.


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  • Unfortunately, in my experience, that seems to be life in general. There are a lot of people who take out their anger on others and have a lot of it built up inside them. I think that the best thing to do is to ignore it.

    • That's gonna be pretty hard to avoid, kind of like avoiding trees while running through a forest lol

    • I mean avoid the people

    • Yeah, it is. I guess what you have to do when you come across someone like that is to just move along.

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  • Its a lot of people unhappy with themselves. If you say something wrong they lash out not because you said something wrong but because they took it incredibly personally. I dunno GAG peeps are really weird sometimes but there are clics here and we all help eat other out


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  • Yeah u sell drug?


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  • I can understand this, but then I think internet and forums itself are like that by nature.

    • If people are like that on the internet, they're also like that in real life, except they hide it. lol

    • Yes, you're right , on here internet it's only verbal as you can never see the person on the other side so it's easier to hide it, yes. Plus internet is also used by many people as a medium to vent their feelings, be it anger, frustration or anything it might be something they may not be able to do so easily in real life.

  • You are right friend, it seems 90% of people on here are bitter and angry. This is more like a ranting site than anything else based on all the materials I've read. I'm in that 90% by the way. Lol.

  • Because shit's really pretty fucked up. The environment, the economy, the justice system... something is bubbling just beneath the surface and is only held in check by endless distractions.

  • you must be new to the internet

    • Not at all. I can be happy on any other website, just not this one for too long.

    • i mean if you care that much about people's opinions that it affects your mood, then you might got problems fam.

  • Well Stepford is upstate, if you want to be happy. On the way there you can visit the teletubbie village and sing a song with Barney the dinosaur. I laughed when I wrote this, a very bitter laugh. It was kind of like a cartoon villain laugh.