Why is it when you point out something and then they block you?

So here's the thing. Whenever my friends and I make a really good point. People say something and then block us, so we can't reply to them. So once, I asked replied to a girl, and then she cussed at me, then blocked me, so it would look like I didn't have anything to say back at her. This is really annoying and one of the reasons why I hate GAG. If they block you, then remove the entire comment.


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  • Yes, the premptive block is very unsatisfactory, I agree whole comment should be removed.


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  • Agreed in how that's super annoying. I usually take it as them just not having anything to say in their defense and anyone who reads the whole conversation will see whose arguments made more sense.

    Nothing worse than a troll like that coming into my own questions/mytakes, ragging on what I wrote, then blocking me so I don't even get a chance to reply back just once! :/


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  • I'm actually surprised this is the first time I've had that happen to me. Pretty dumb but I won't lose lose any sleep over it. You know a person is just a complete baby when they decide to block you but only after they make absolute sure it looks like they're getting the last word. Didn't know a ~50 year old woman could be such a baby

    • Ikr, I made a really good point, then the asker blocked me, several people commented then blocked me so it looks like I didn't have anything to say. 🙄

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  • They do it because they're insecure and they know they're wrong. Instead of being an adult and admitting it, they'd rather be childish and try to make you look bad. I haven't had it done yet, and hopefully won't, but that would be so frustrating for me!