What's up with GAG's latest update?

Does anyone else dislike the latest update? It's just awful has to be the worst update in recent history. If you ask me they are going backwards. Makes it harder to navigate. So whats your take on this?

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  • GAG had a really good and simple setup like three years ago, and it seems to regress with every update. Is there some need to make changes? It wasn't broke all those years ago, why do they keep "fixing" it?

    • How was it like 3 years ago. Really curious :P

    • @Dipsy It was so much better and more easily navigated. There were like 6 or 7 question categories, it was like: Flirting, Dating, Relationships, Family, a couple other ones, and then just a generic "Other" category where you could just freewheel. There were a lot less bells and whistles complicating things. No MyTakes, the whole site wasn't cluttered up with pictures, there weren't a thousand different sorting options that I'm pretty sure most people don't really use, it was just a live feed of activity, and the categories. There was following and messaging, etc, but this whole operation is now trying to be too many things instead of just focusing on what works. I just don't get it because it's not like the users are really screaming for changes or new/altered features. Boggles my mind.

    • Fix it? lmao hahahahahaaha

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  • Seems Gag are encouraging people to argue and have discussions for people who disagree. Instead of downvoting and call it a day. I very much prefer for users to have the option to discuss about a topic, but now it's either comment or gfto. Also, I have no idea since when we started agreeing and liking certain opinions to "loving" them. It seems absurd to me. So how's the new dynamic? Either love what people say or justify why you don't agree? Promoting more bias anyone?

    Hey, I might be looking at it from the wrong point of view. But of all the changes I've seen since early last year this seems to be the worst because it really messes up with the whole gag dynamic. It reeeaaally does. Let's see how it goes, they might come up with the cure for gag addiction which seems to be what they're aiming for lol

  • Its so bad that it makes me want to leave. Seriously ugh I am out


  • Vote 'C' - everytime GAG updates it takes a little getting used to it and guess we all will at some point in time. Some take a while longer while with some we instantly take like a duck to water :)

    • I don't think I can get used to this.

    • Fixations dear girl fixations - root cause of most miseries :D Why say a no w/o giving it time :)

  • Maybe I missed something but I don't mind that the "dislike" feature was removed.
    What I don't understand is the purpose of that "share an opinion" option besides the "like" option.
    Right below it there is a window to enter your opinion so it looks like 2 times the same thing.
    In my opinion the main thing about GAG are the people: enough nice girls and guys who are online quite often and give good opinions... and no matter what updates they do we'll feel nice on here :D

    • Do you actually like this knew layout? As for the up& down vote I couldn't care about it.

    • Oh I actually like nor dislike it, it's a question of getting used. I don't see additional features I'll use or miss! So I don't really care... I just assume it may be an improvement for others (or a frustration, of course :-( ).
      As long as I can ask, give opinions and comments, follow people and send messages I'm happy :D

  • This is sticking on my tablet tho.

  • Its okay, eventually you we will except it and move on to the next update we will hate :p

  • don't know yet!

    Probably in a few days I get used to it, just like everyone else


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