To Men: Has G@G Caused you to lose respect for women? To Women: Has G@G caused you to lose respect for men?

I'm a guy, if you haven't noticed from the blue anon, and I have had my respect and love of women greatly diminished by women posting here on G@G.

Nearly everything I post is twisted around, taken personally, or is made out to be some kind of 'woman-hating' agenda, which couldn't be further from the truth.

I was raised by a single mother who was a feminist, so I was brought up to respect women completely. I've been married for half my life to the same woman, and I have always viewed women as my equal.

But the women that come to this site, and the things they say, have greatly diminished my respect for women in general. Everything seems to be about them - and I mean everything. And not in the 'selfish' way, but in the 'omg you said one word of 1k words and that was sexist' or 'you're a rapist apologist because you don't think annoying married men are rapists'.

Am I the only guy that has had his view of women diminished?

What about you ladies? Has G@G and those that post on G@G brought down your view of men?

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I want to point out that it isn't just here on G@G where this happens. I see this trend EVERYWHERE I go. I chose to use 'G@G' because it is not gender neutral and the ability to immediately tell if it's a woman or man is evident, whereas other forums are typically gender-neutral unless you do some digging.

But again, this is a trend I see everywhere - not just here.


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  • Actually it is the reverse! I empathise with men much more since I joined G@G. It's difficult to see things through a male perspective, especially when men are told to behave strong, regardless of how they feel on the inside. This site opened my eyes up to the struggles men face on an every day basis, and thus I have grown to appreciate them more.

    Also I have lived my whole life in Asia (though in several countries,) and the dynamics between men and women are a whole lot different here. They range from being patriarchal and chavaunistic (like in the Middle East and India) to pretty egalitarian (like in Singapore.) I found the dynamics on this site however to be quite tilted in the favour of women. I find women here (not all, but many) to be

    • ... quite self centered and hurtful towards men. They behave quite 'holier than thou,' and men don't say that much to resist it. They pretty much take it all. Not sure if this is the dynamics in west in general... Anyway in view of this, I don't find it surprising you are losing respect for women after joining the site.

      There are much more kinder, intelligent and mature men on this site than women...

    • Oh my goodness. I really can't believe how much I appreciate every word you've typed here. I really can't believe you understand why I have started feeling the way I do about things.

      I cannot thank you enough for such a well-written and concise response to, what I see, as an ever-growing response. And you're right - men seem to just roll over and take it. I typically call these men "white knights" but even that doesn't seem fair to them.

      And yes, in the West it is getting a lot worse. I have no problems with women running things or sharing in corporate ownership, or even being my representative - not in the least. But there's a huge push for female dominance over men and there seems to be a push at WOMEN to comply with these new social norms. I've watched women berate other women because the 'woman' doesn't come across as 'independent' enough, and when I see women use the term 'independent', what it actually means is 'without man'.

      Thank you so very much. Thank you.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • I think women are a little more promiscuous than what I had initially thought and I also learned some disheartening things about dating dynamics but overall Im glad I found this site.

    There are a few women here who are really condescending and emotionally manipulative in the way they go about arguing but I have also seen a lot of genuinely nice women in this site. I dont think its fair to base my opinion of all women on the small handful of bitchy women on this site.


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  • If this were true, I wouldn't waste my time here.

    It's easy enough to avoid trollbait. Beyond that, I've been pleasantly surprised by the overall signal/noise ratio.
    I mean, I made an account just to pass the endless time (at a hospital with family over Christmas), and I'm still here. LOL

    I think people can gain a surprising amount of insight about others and their insecurities just by lurking here.

    Also, it's obviously a non-representative sample, but... it's still a sample of people I wouldn't ordinarily meet. My own kids are gna be teenagers soon enough, so, more data points = better.

  • It's complicated. I feel a lot more pity for guys in general. It seems like you're all twisted up in insecurities and it's just like awwww :c

    But I continue to lose respect for very specific types of guys but I also think that would happen anywhere on the internet so it's not like *GaG* specific. Like the guys who make female accounts to ask things like "Hey girls what color are your panties?" are going to be sad pervs no matter where you go.

    • I specifically choose gag, because of the horrible amount of women with bad attitudes that are so out there and so specifically pointed as a 'woman'. Other sites like Reddit have the feminists out there and it is just as bad, but I chose G@G because it's very specifically separated into man and female - so you know right off the bat if it's a woman or a man saying the ridiculous things - well, there are likely quite a few women that are actually men and vice versa, but not the majority.

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    • " think that would happen anywhere on the internet so it's not like *GaG* specific." It was more of an addon to my question, because I don't want to be perceived as being illogical based on singling out G@G, as if that's the only place I see these things happening.

      So it was more for my own sake than a response to your opinion. Your opinion was fine, well received, well-written, and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • It would be irrational to let a small percentage of the world's male population change my general view of men. If I let that happen, I would be no better than people stereotyping about other issues. It's inane.

    I have learned some things about men that I previously was... resistant to believing. One being that men can be VERY sensitive, petty, illogical, foolish... and in such large numbers. But that does not reflect men on a whole... just a small undesirable contingent.

    • It isn't just here, though. I simply choose to single out G@G because it specifies man or woman, whereas places like Reddit or other forums are typically gender-neutral.

      And you're right - it would be irrational of me to let a small percentage of the population to change my opinion - but it's basically more than half of the posts I see from women that fall into the category that irritate me, and it's not just here.

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    • I never stated that you couldn't (point it out). I was merely stating the fact of what it was (to me). It doesn't "seem" real: it is.

      As stated, not all men are that way. But it would be infantile of me to assume that because I have met more men like the aforementioned than those I would respect, I should let my general view of men degrade.

    • You make a very valid point, and it is appreciated, certainly. Forgive me if my pointing that out seemed rude. I wasn't trying to be combative or argumentative - I was only trying to point that out.


  • Double Whammey..

    Nah, if anything, Gag has taught me somethings about guys I never knew.. Which is a nice insight nonetheless

  • No, but just realized that there are some people who needs to seek more knowledge.

    & There are some that amaze me with their words, knowledge.

  • I don't take this site that srsly. Why would I?

  • I've been pretty alarmed by the number of men on GAG who have a hard on for the likes of Elliot Rogers.

  • Let's just say spending time here hasn't waken my desire to visit the US again.

    • I don't blame you. A lot of this crap is coming from American women, but I'm also witnessing a trend of this going on in the UK as well - basically Western societies and industrialized nations are starting to see a push in the cray-cray direction

    • Not sure why you think it's American women who made the US less appealing for me. It's racism that more American men tend to excuse than American women.

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  • I didn't respect anybody when I got here, and nothing has changed since.

  • GaG opened my eyes to some women who are man hating trolls who are likely so ugly in real life that they have to create this over-dominant over-imposing alter ego on this site to get back at men but in general i feel pretty much the same that most women are pretty awesome

  • Alittle of both. While it has allowed me to understand girls better, it also made me aware of how much hypocrisy they practice.

  • Not at all

    I just hate those who try to throw men on traditional values, while not following their own, then basically saying "Where have all the good men gone?"

  • I lost respect for hard left leaning Liberals. They really hate people who have a different view. I honestly tune their points of views out now as I know where they are coming from and it is an ugly place.

    • I don't think the term should be 'hard left leaning liberal'. I think it should be 'social justice warrior' because I know what you're talking about, but those people aren't liberals in my opinion. Those people are extremists.

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    • I was disappointed that Obama didn't send a bunch if those guys to jail. I remember expecting it in 2009 and it never happened. I think a full review of what happened was in order and expeceted to see oir government lay out how it occurred. It should have explained Barny Frank, Liar's loans, Wall Street, robo signing etc etc, but that never happened either. We were owned that.

      I think Trump is not a friend to Wall Street. He won't take their money. He talks about higher taxes on capital gains, higher taxes in general for the wealthy and closing tax loopholes. Trump took advantage of what was legal but I do believe he will go after those people with the same skill and execution that he used thus far to beat the establishment including his putting Fox News in their place. I think he will fight for the people, not Wall Street, not himself other than the glory of being a great President which I could see him wanting that for himself. He won't get that by being a typical president.

    • Well, I hope you're right, and maybe he's just up there talking out of his ass about the bigoted and sexist comments he makes, but still. . . to give credence to a guy that openly hates others based on generalities just makes me sick.

      But what I think is more sad is the fact that he'll get my vote before any other candidate but Bernie.

      And yeah - it's disgusting how the media is treating Bernie. . . like he's non-existent. And then they'll cherry-pick the people they poll so they can claim Hillary is in the lead, but when you look anywhere online or in the comment section of an article, it's so blatantly obvious that people want Bernie over Hillary by a LARGE majority. But the MSM won't admit to that, because they want to portray him as being unelectable, and why? Because he's against much of the things the MSM does to turn a profit - like propaganda crap.

      It's really a sad state this country is in. Just horrible. And I believe if we don't get this next election right, we're fkd.

  • It was the opposite actually