Is this a bug on the web browser?

Whenever I write a MyTake or ask a question from my phone, the category resets as sexual behavior during preview. I always go back and reset the category but its not helping. Admins please look into this.


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  • Certain keywords may trigger a question to be posted in the sexual behavior category. So that could be what's happening here. It's not a bug, it's simply how the system is set up to ensure that certain questions are only posted in a sexuality category. Sometimes it can wrongly put questions in this category though so if that happens, you can just contact us about it and we'll make the correction for you :)


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  • I noticed that before when I wrote a take on the phone - That was months ago


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  • That's happening to me as well. Good thing I don't prefer using my phone to access this site (I always prefer my PC for everything, over phone)!

    • Yeah, annoying as hell for android users.

    • Haha, if it's annoying on Android, try using it on a Windows Phone! I bet you'll be pulling your hair out in anger, and probably feel the urge to smash your phone into a hundred pieces!